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Crossroad Communications and Decision Science solves problems for organizations by building new elements into existing work flow. What kind of challenges? The kind where success turns on human behavior change. For example, improving occupational health and safety performance in the mining sector, reducing risk investment in utilities, disseminating vaccines in the US military and increasing attendance at the opera. These problems emerge in different sectors, where success depends on taking evidence-based decisions to address the root cause of undesired behavior. Getting at these deeply held judgments allows the intervention to be tailored to the need for stronger, lasting outcomes.

The patented Mental Modeling Technology Platform™ is made up of soft and hard technology. The soft technology includes tactics and tools such as the solution-valuation analysis, expert modeling, system modeling, and mental-modeling research. The hard technology includes two modeling and analysis software systems. A unique body of knowledge provides access to the latest developments in behavior science. The combination of specialized processes, tools and software retain focus and reduce risk to deliver ROI. It is available by license.